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Shipping & Delivery

General shipping information:

Q: How long should it take to ship my order after I place it? 
A: Our goal is to ship the same day you order, if you order before 4pm. Currently, we are shipping 90% of orders within 48 business hours. You can also log into the website and check the status of your order online. In the event of a backorder, we will still ship any partial part of your order available. If your backorder is for an express delivery order, we will attempt to call you to get further instructions.

Q: What shipping methods do you use and can I specify the shipping carrier to match my preference or to ship for a given amount of money? 
A: No. We ship using specific methods to given locations to protect your investment and guarantee a level of service on tracking, speed of delivery and ability to swiftly and efficiently deal with shipping losses. Therefore, under no circumstances can we make allowances on shipping. Our intent is to provide a consistent level of service. More than once we have attempted to work on shipping methods with customers only to have a package lost or destroyed and we were not able to provide assistance to the customer. Our intention, as stated is to deliver a consistent level of service. Please do not ask to change our shipping methods.

Q: I received a shipping confirmation email from Sonic Tuning but my package hasn't shown tracking yet. Is something wrong? 
A: When your order is entered into our system, it goes into a pending status for us to process it. Either at that time or within 24 business hours most orders are printed out and the shipping label for the order is generated. Most of the orders will update after 6PM E/T.

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