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Renn Motorsport 19" RS-51 Flow Forged 5x114 Wheels Lancer Evolution 370Z G37 Genesis Coupe

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Manufactured with Advanced Rotary Forged Flow Forming Technology.

Flow Forming Rotary Forged process maintains the integrity of the RS-51 light weight design, while also improving the grain-structure of the aluminum.

With this technology Renn Motorsport is able to create a stronger, lighter rim barrel.

This is the future of our market’s demand for lightweight wheels that are more durable and enhance the overall vehicle driving experience.

Lighter, higher strength wheel leads to better acceleration, handling, cornering, breaking and superior impact strength.

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 Engineered to minimize unsprung mass and rotational inertia for maximum performance and handling
- Advanced Flow Form Rotary Forged Design
- TPMS compatible
- Hub Centric, designed to use without additional hardware.
- Rigorously tested to exceed safety standards
- Load is more evenly distributed to reduce stress and enhance durability


Satin Graphite

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Advance Rotary Forged Flow Form Technology

Powdercoat Finish

Light-Weight design with spoke and backpad pocketing.

Let our fitment expert help you choose the right set by entering year and model of your vehicle.

Dodge  Charger 2006+ 5|114.3 73.1 8.5 20 9.5 20
Dodge  Challenger 2006+ 5|114.3 73.1 8.5 20 9.5 20
Mitsubishi EVO X 2009+ 5|114.3 73.1 9.5 20 9.5 20
Hyundai  GenCoupe   5|114.3 73.1 8.5 20 9.5 20
Nissan  350Z/370Z   5|114.3 73.1 8.5 20 9.5 20
Infiniti G35/G37 2DR   5|114.3 73.1 8.5 20 9.5 20
Subaru WRX Sti 2007+ 5|114.3 73.1 9.5 20 9.5 20

Media Coverage:

Mercedes C63 AMG on Renn Motorsport Wheels



"Just got the the Renn Motorsport RS 51 flow formed wheels in 19 X 8.5 offset 35mm installed. I bought the 8.5 cause I didn't want to buy new tires right now. I was close to buying a AG wheel, but while they look nice, I wanted a lighter wheel.

The wheels came professionally packaged ...they weighed in at 21.0 lbs!. Prob between 20.5 and 21.0 lbs, as scale did flip back and forth few times but they are close to 21 lbs. The silver color was nice. I did see a few pit marks and few very tiny nicks but no big deal. I have previously bought much more expensive wheels that had more flaws than these wheels.

Got them installed today and all I can say is wow. Now I am not one to exaggerate but there is a night and difference in the way the car feels now. It literally feels like I have another 30-50 hp. Almost feel like I got a free tune. ...:).
Car feels so much lighter/quicker off the line. The steering feel is abit looser now and this is noticeable at low speeds. The handling is improved also...turn in is a lot faster and more responsive now....doesnt want to nose dive into corners now....feels a lot more like a M3 now.

You cannot under estimate the difference unpsprung weight makes on a car. I lost 7.5 lbs at each corner but car feels like it weighs 200-300 lbs less now. I can only imagine how the car will feel when I get Michelin PSS's on the car when my heavy OEM Dunlops wear out.

All in all, I am very happy about this far the biggest improvement is how light the car feels now...just feels like I have a lot more HP than I actually feels a lot faster and handling is improved also...I would say the looks of the wheel(which is good) is the least important factor for me when buying these wheels(I say that now after driving the car)."

"I have them on my 2014 S4 and it is black also!! And I agree 100% with everything you said about the weight!! And I bought the PSS's at the same time and the difference is unreal!! The car definitely is faster with the weight loss at all 4 corners!! The wheels balanced with very little stick on weights (which is great!!). I would highly recommend these wheels (if you like the style) to anyone looking to upgrade their wheels and at the same time increase their performance!! The car feels completely different....for the better!! And you can't beat the price!! I would have thought these would have been twice the price I paid! I have hit a few bad spots in the road with them and not a problem! I highly recommend the PSS's as well! The combo is fantastic. And I agree, Ray was a pleasure to deal with! The packaging was top notch and shipping was very fast! Make sure and do the Michelin PSS's!! It will just increase the feel you already have!! They hook up so much better than the Conti's!! "

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