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MazdaSpeed 3 Gen 1 Coilover with Adjustable Camber Plate and Pillow Ball Mount

Free upgrade to the S3 with adjustable camber plate & pillow ball mount.

The S3 suspension system has an enhanced forged front pillow-ball top mount to increase steering response. The S3 system also includes an adjustable top mount camber plate for your MazdaSpeed3. This suspension system is perfect for daily driving, while having the adjustment for track setup. 

Each application has a specific number of adjustments. To increase rigidity, you turn clockwise, whereas to decrease rigidity, you turn counter-clockwise. Set your handling and ride as comfortably as you like.

Our full-length adjustment system by the lower mount allows separate ride height and spring pre-load adjustments to increase performance while keeping the comfort. You can decide your desired height first, without affecting the spring pre-load, and afterwards you can set the pre-load.

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• Full length adjustment system on lower mount
• Separate ride hight and pre-load adjustments
• 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy construction: lower mount, top mount, spring seat and locks
• 12 level adjustable damper - adjustable dampers allow fine-tuning of the suspension stiffness to best suit the driving condition.
• SCM440 hardened piston rod: special high strength grade material with extra hardening process effectively improves the chances again deformation, fracture and leakage.
• Special formulated oil – stable and durable high quality oil seal can minimize any suspension failures or oil leaking to increase durability.
• Inner polished seamless steel tube – quality high strength tubes ensure the strength of the struts (cylinders). The micro finished inner surface ensures a precise and smooth action, which can reduce the chances of fluid leakage and prolongs struts endurance.
• Mono tube design ensures quick response and comfort. suspension fluid is separated from high-pressure gas in order to reduce damper failure.
• Advanced formulated rubber parts: effectively increase the endurance and help eliminate abnormal noises.
• Forged aluminum alloy top mount: increases the strength and effectively reduces the weight to provide sensitive driving feedback.
• SAE9254 spring: high strength material formed spring effectively minimizes deformation.

Spring Rate: Front 7K | Rear 5K.

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Here's just a small review from a few MSF members who have already purchased them:

My Sonic Tuning S3 Coilover experiance....

Originally Posted by doubleflusher View Post
I do have these on my MS3, and I do love them.

Plus, they helped keep my car stable at the track.


Originally Posted by Shive View Post
Will do! Thanks man.

And the gents over at Sonic Tuning have been awesome thus far. Had a tracking # about an 30-60 mins after I sent the payment info, and they're quick to respond to emails. Hopefully the product lives up to the customer service so far.


Originally Posted by radbrad View Post
ive had these coilovers on for about 2 months now and i absolutly love them. it took a couple of tries to get my ride heigth, spring preload set to my liking, and get my dampening dialed in to my comfort.
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