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BC Forged BX Series Wheels (BX-29)

Exotic Super Concave Design (4 Wheels Set)

BC Forged Wheels

BC forged wheels are custom machined with sophisticated CNC procedures for perfection and are engineered to strengthen the surface density of the wheel and minimise weight

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Sonic Tuning is very proud to be a dealer for BC Forged Wheels. BC Forged Wheels are based in USA, and have a solid reputation for making fantastic 1- and 2-piece Forged rims at an affordable price.

What is special about Forged Wheels? A Forged Wheel is much stronger and lighter than the equivalent ordinary cast wheel, and that means that you can go for a bigger wheel while at the same time getting a lighter and stronger wheel.

Why is wheel weight so important? Wheels, Tyres, Brakes, and some of the suspension all make up a component of the car's weight called the unsprung weight. Unsprung weight is very important to the handling and ride comfort of your car, and even 1 or 2 kgs increase in unsprung weight can have a big impact on your car's ability to hold onto the road, and maintain ride comfort. Every time you hit a bump, all of the unsprung mass has to move up and then down to accommodate that bump. The larger the unsprung mass, the slower it will be able to respond, meaning that more of that force gets transmitted to the sprung weight of the car (ie. the rest of the car and the passengers). A very good quality 18" cast wheel will struggle to get below 12kg, whereas a good quality 18" forged wheel would weigh in around the 10kg mark! That makes a massive difference to the handling and ride comfort of your car!

All BC Forged Wheels Are Custom Made to your Specifications!

BC Forged offer a wide range of styles to choose from, and almost everything else is able to be specified by you. Before you can buy a set of wheels, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What style of wheel do I want?
  2. What diameter and width do I want for the front and the rear?
  3. What offset do I need to get the correct stance?
  4. What centre-bore diameter does my car require?
  5. What Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) and Bolt Pattern does my car require?
  6. What colours / finishes do I want?
  7. What other options do I want?


  • 19 Inches
  • 20 Inches
  • 21 Inches

 H & P.C.D:

  • 5H x 108, 5H x 110, 5H x 112
  • 5H x 114.3, 5H x 120
  • 5H x 130 (19"~21" only)


  • The center cap will be RED if not specified.
  • The general lead time is 10-14 working days from the time you order, but on occasion lead time may be different.
  • Forged T6061 Aluminum Rim & Disk to strengthen the surface density of the wheel and to minimize into lighter weight.
  • Customers will not be notified of modification that does not effect the safety factor of product.

Purchase Information:

  • Lead Time : 4 weeks, production starts from the next day of receiving the payment.
  • All orders cancelled once confirmed will be subject to a fee of 30% of the total order value.
  • Due to the change in Aluminum raw material price and other factors, prices subject to change without notice
  • Under no effect on safety concerns, design subject to minor changes without notice.
  • Flat $250 shipping fee per set of 4 wheels within USA

No Cost Options:

The following options are available at no extra cost:

Centre Cap:
See Above Drop down List
Valve Stem:
TPMS Adaptor if Required (B Type Reverse Lip only)
Centre Disk Standard Colours:
Silver / Matte Silver / Matte Black / Gloss Black / Gunmetal / Matte Gunmetal / Bronze / Matte Bronze / Brushed / Brushed Black Tint
Rim Standard Colours: Silver / Matte Silver / Matte Black / Gloss Black / Gunmetal / Matte Gunmetal / Bronze / Matte Bronze / Brushed / Brushed Black Tint
Ball Seat For P.C.D. 5H112/5H130 ; Cone Seat 60° For Other P.C.D.
Centre-bore diameter is machined from an Aluminium sleeve.








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