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MRR Design Wheels HR4

MRR HR Series (Set of 4 Wheels)

Staggered wheel fitments to high-end Hyper Silver finishes, MRR has a variety of styles to fit your vehicle. MRR is proud to announce the development & release of 2 captivating lines: GT & Hereborrani Series, Roderick & euroTEK Series.

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Select Finish, Size, BCD & ET According to Table:

Series Size (Inch) BCD (mm) ET Finish
HR4  19 x 8.0 5 x 112 35  Black
HR4  19 x 8.0 5 x 114.3 35  Black
HR4  19 x 9.0 5 x 112 35  Black
HR4  20 x 8.0 5 x 112 35  Black
HR4  20 x 8.0 5 x 114.3 35  Black
HR4  20 x 9.0 5 x 112 35  Black
HR4  20 x 9.0 5 x 114.3 40  Black


  • 19 x 8.0
  • 19 x 9.0
  • 20 x 8.0
  • 20 x 9.0


  • Black


  • Hub-Centric to BMW (no vibration)
  • Accept original BMW center cap
  • Lifetime warranty* (structure)
  • TPMS Compatible
  • Staggered setup
  • Brake clearance (no spacers)
  • Lightweight

About MRR Design Wheels

MRR started years ago producing OEM brands and private label wheels for other companies.  After years of experience in design and development, they decided to produce their independent line of high end wheels.  MRR wheels are individually tested for quality and performance in addition to compliance to a variety of high standards prior to shipment. Their product is a perfect blend of quality, style, strength, and affordability.

MRR Design Wheels offers 8 different styles of wheels in the 18", 19", 20" and 22" sizes. They are a perfect choice for your Acura, Audi, BMW, Mercedes - Benz, Cadillac, Chevy, Dodge, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, and Toyota makes.

MRR Design… Synonymous with Safety Quality and Style:

Sonic Tuning choose to work with MRR Design Wheels, because MRR Design Wheels define the safety and comfort of your ride. Thus, when you set out to make your purchase you expect to get the finest goods in terms of quality, design, and price. We at MRR Design understand this and so we’re here to give you nothing but the best.  

Snippets from Past:

After years of producing OEM brands and private label wheels, MRR Design has taken their skills and craftsmanship to a new level by introducing their very own line of wheels. With three new exciting lines catering to different segments of the wheels industry, MRR is creating the world's new standard when it comes to wheels built for the discriminating automotive enthusiast.

A Glance at our Lineup:

When it comes to wheels, we are supreme in the industry. We have an extensive inventory of wheels in a variety of designs, styles and sizes. The comprehensive product portfolio has on display wheels made to fit various vehicles including those of Mercedes Benz wheels, BMW wheels, Porsche wheels, Audi wheels, Volkswagen wheels and many more.   Each type has its own set of features that make it suited to specific applications. We have also recently added captivating lines- GT Series, Roderick, EuroTek and Hereborrani. Looking for a stylish and durable wheel won’t become much of a hassle now because we have something for everybody.

MRR Design… Committed to Excellence:

We put customers before everything else. We at MRR Design strive to ensure that we can provide what you need at the time you need it.  We utilize the latest technology, precision CNC machine tools and the best coating equipment for the finest finishes. Every wheel manufactured at MRR Design is individually tested for quality and performance in addition to compliance to a variety of high standards prior to shipment.

We update our equipment continually and introduce innovative products so as to provide the latest in technology. Our wheels blend quality, style, strength and affordability. Our superior quality goods are backed by service and extensive support. Technical staff and knowledgeable customer representatives help you secure the best deal giving you the best value for your money.  Wheels at MRR Design are built and tested for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. As an added credit, the wheels we manufacture are tested by Vehicle Inspection Association and Japanese Light Weight Alloy.

Production Capability:

Currently MRR wheels has a factory capable of producing up to 50,000 wheels a month. With a new factory being prepped to increase our production rates to 100,000 pieces a month, MRR is a true wheel manufacturer. We not only create, but design wheels for many of the industries best and now we've compiled our craftsmanship of the market to create wheels which not only stand the test of time but also the test of style. We are the unification of perfect style, engineering and balance. With over 20 years of experience we cannot only guarantee the quality of our wheels but also a customer service group which is the best in the industry.

MRR Goal:

With so many wheels sharing similar designs, it is MRR wheel's goal to segregate themselves with styles beyond compare and quality beyond even the toughest standards. All MRR wheels manufactured have been in tight quality control from our factory and have been inspected by the Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA), Japanese Light Weight alloy (JLW) and TUV.

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