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AVO S1104K941001T Top Mount Intercooler Legacy/Outback/ WRX/ Forester

The intercooler is designed to be a direct factory replacement, utilizing a bar and plate design with cast end tanks. By using the bar and plate design the intercooler is able to have a lower pressure drop, while yet increasing cooling performance and helping to lower air temperatures of the air that comes out of the turbo.

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Our aluminum bar and plate TMIC with cast endtanks was designed specifically to provide the best flow and cooling while bolting up in the factory location. We use our 400hp core in this design to provide an ideal bolt-on upgrade for stock or upgraded turbochargers.
The standard factory intercooler setup is quite inefficient and does not allow your engine to produce anywhere near its full potential. The AVO Intercooler Upgrade kit uncorks your engine, unleashing horsepower. This power is found everywhere on the rpm band, making your Legacy much more fun to drive. Better response and a deeper well of torque to dip into!


Other Features:

  • Improves engine power by reducing temperature of the intake charge and improving the rate at which heat is removed
  • Designed to fit standard mounting points and stock turbo piping with no cutting or modification necessary
  • Cast aluminum endtanks provide the best flow and cooling
  • High-response, high-flow design



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